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Thông tin cuộc thi AppChallenge 2018

Dear students,


Singapore Airlines AppChallenge is back for its 2018 edition seeking for your ideas to take the world's best airline company into a new digital era.


Sign up now for a shot to win return airfares to any SIA destination, team prize amount to SG$ 5000, potential Proof of Concept collaboration with SIA teams to develop commercial solutions, and many more prizes!


Sign up today at https://appchallenge.singaporeair.com/en/challenges/appchallenge-2018/?t=-kzB26PEcdmnml1eWu5Zow


[Reminder – early September]


Calling all innovators present and aspiring!!


Submissions for SIA App Challenge will close on 30th September 2018.


Featuring attractive prizes for the most innovative business solutions to solve real business challenges facing Singapore Airlines with exclusive APIs and other resources provided.


Register yourself or your team and submit now on https://appchallenge.singaporeair.com/en/challenges/appchallenge-2018/?t=-kzB26PEcdmnml1eWu5Zow


[Final call – end September]


Last call for all innovative students!


Submissions for App Challenge 2018 will close on 30th September.

Sign up at https://appchallenge.singaporeair.com/en/challenges/appchallenge-2018/?t=-kzB26PEcdmnml1eWu5Zow to win tickets to the destination you have been wanting to go, now on SQ.


You stand to gain:

1.      Mentoring by SIA industry veterans

2.      Access to SIA and partners’ APIs and datasets

3.     Potential Proof of Concept collaboration with SIA teams to develop commercial solutions

4.      Networking opportunities

5.      Exposure and insights to the exciting growing global aviation industry

6.      And, of course, many attractive prizes:


Don’t miss the flight!!