Nhảy đến nội dung

Hội thảo "Khởi nghiệp trong kỉ nguyên số"

08:30 AM
Hall 10F

Speaker - Nguyen Duc Loc

Topic: How can the next technology startup unicorn come from Viet Nam?  

Viet Nam graduates 100,000 engineers a year. Many go to work for technology outsourcing companies that build solutions for startups in other countries. But how can Viet Nam avoid being just a lowcost engineering shop for manufacturing someone else’s innovation? The answer is Homestart Innovation where we don’t copy or try to catch up to the world but instead we leapfrog.


Speaker – Tran Dai Long

Topic: Your jobs will be replaced by machines.

With the new age of data, AI, automation, cloud and open API technologies, many of your work, skills can be automated or even replaced. At ACB, we are building a new Technology and Innovation Lab, exploring new ideas, technologies to invent new products to 05 million existing customers and counting. Come join us to keep your skills up-to-date and stay ahead.