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Data Science Laboratory


Lab was established to create an environment, movement, and motivation (pressure) for researchers in TDTU. It can be seen that most current studies are related to data to some extent. The idea of ​​the name Lab comes from the desire to gather together different research directions but to be able to share experiences in data processing, modeling, resource sharing, etc...  From there, group members can learn from each other through seminars, or inherit each other's research results to use in their own research, creating greater strength and efficiency in research. Lab will be supported in the first phase by Prof. Ryu (Chungbuk University, Korea) and has been sponsored by Big Sun company with $8000. It is expected that this amount will support the Ph.D candidates. Currently, the Lab has 05 desks, tables and chairs, TVs for discussion, seminars, and research in room C106.

Working plan in 2022

March ~ April

  • Welcome meeting (March 5 or March 12)
  • Website set-up
  • Joint-PhD program proposal (CBNU-TDTU)

April ~ June

  • Korea-Vietnam project proposal 
  • PhD candidate recruitment (1-2 candidates)

June - July

  • Conference


  • Ph.D admission
  • Researchers invitation