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1. Cooperated Program in Computer Science and Information Technology, Ton Duc Thang University and Ostrava Technical University, Czech Republic (2 + 2)

Ostrava Technical University was founded in 1849 at Ostrava city, an industrial city located in northern Moravia, Czech Republic. Ostrava Technical University is one of the four largest public universities within the country and the school currently has 7 faculties with about 22,000 students.

The University is increasingly asserting its leading position in the field of higher education and applied research in the Czech Republic, its training programs and qualifications are valid throughout Europe and the world together.

The school's credit system is compatible with the European credit transfer system. Students study and accumulate credits from the European Credit Transfer System at the Technical University of Ostrava, and then have the opportunity to transfer to European Union countries such as the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands etc.

VŠB-TUO increasingly asserted its position and leading role in the general education of the Czech Republic. As one of the high school graduates, the degree is valid throughout Europe and the world.

Advantages of international training programs:

  1. The recruitment method is flexible. The applicants need to meet all the criteria, then the recruitment process will be completed and students are recruited in batches.
  2. The program is advanced, practical and internationally recognized.
  3. It is fully international learning environment, with global standards and library resources.
  4. Learn English in small English "Little UK", communicate 100% in English in open spaces, ensure the ability to learn English directly in the affiliate program and easily transfer to study phase 2 abroad.
  5. Be eligible for TDTU and Associate School scholarships.
  6. 70% savings compared to self-study.
  7. The degree is of international value.

2. Cooperated Program Information :

  • Candidates:  Graduates who have graduated from high school or equivalent.
  • Specialization in joint training:
    • Computer science and information technology.
  • Training time:  04 years
  • Form of training:  2 + 2
    • Stage 1: 2 years at Ton Duc Thang University, Q7, HCMC, Vietnam.
    • Stage 2: 2 years at the Ostrava Technical University, Czech Republic.
  • Language of instruction:  English. 
    • Students who do not have sufficient English proficiency must attend the intensive English program required by the program.
  • Tuition and living expenses:
    • Stage 1:  VND 15,750,000 / semester + Management fee: VND 2,250,000 / semester
    • Stage 2:  EUR 1,000  / semester + Management fee:  EUR 75  / semester
    • Cost of living: about  EUR 750-850  / semester, Dormitory fee: about  EUR 625  / semester.
  • Transition period:  September every year.
  • Transition Stage 2:
    • Complete stage 1 at Ton Duc Thang University.
    • English requirements: IELTS ≥ 5.5 or equivalent.
  • Qualifications:  Graduates will receive a bachelor degree awarded by the Technical University of Ostrava. Diplomas are recognized internationally and by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam.

3. Advantages of the program :

  • Flexible recruitment method, simple procedure, saving time and cost.
  • Advanced, internationally recognized curriculum.
  • Educational Facilities, learning environment, teachers and Library ( ) are all of international standard.
  • Learn English in small English "Little UK", communicate 100% English in open spaces, ensure the ability to learn English directly in the affiliate program and easily transfer to study phase 2 abroad.
  • Scholarship policy is for students with high entry points, excellent academic results.
  • The degree is of international value, solid and varied career opportunities.

4. Training program: 

The training program consists of 2 phases:

  • Stage 1 at Ton Duc Thang University (Vietnam)
  • Stage 2 at the Technical University of Ostrava (Czech Republic)

5. Career Opportunities:

Graduates are able to undertake the following positions:

  • Software programmers, systems analysts, data managers, network managers, computer hardware engineers, information system construction and maintenance officers etc. in corporations, enterprises and also e-commerce organizations at homeland and abroad. 
  • Teaching subjects related to computer science at universities, colleges, professional secondary schools and high schools.


For more information about the program, please contact:

Institute for International Cooperation, Research and Training (Room A0001) Ton Duc Thang University.

No. 19 Nguyen Huu Tho street, Tan Phong ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh city. Ho Chi Minh. 
       Tel: 028 37 755053, Hotline: 0935 035 270;

Email: Website:

Information for the international affiliate program 2018 Ton Duc Thang University  see here