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1. History and Development 
The Faculty of Information Technology has its predecessor as the Department of Computer Science which was established in 1997 as a department of the Faculty of Mathematics, Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU). On March 2, 2012, the department developed and became the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT-TDTU). Its mission is to provide human resources specialized in the field of Information Technology to meet the demand for the sustainable development of society. 
Since the beginning of the establishment there have been only some lecturers, up to now the faculty has more than 30 full-time lecturers including 15 PhD graduated from universities/institutes in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China. In line with the internationalization policy of TDT, our faculty has attracted two lecturers from Korea and India, as well as many visiting professors from famous universities around the world. In terms of organization, the faculty currently has three departments: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Network & Data Communications. We also have two laboratories including NLP-KD Lab (Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Discovery) and AI Lab (Artificial Intelligence). 

2. Job Opportunities for Students
Students of FIT-TDTU are not only equipped with good programming skills and algorithms but also are trained with knowledge of system analysis, network management, Web programming, management of information systems, developing intelligent agents. The faculty also organizes training courses in collaboration with industrial firms such as IBM, LogiGear, FSOFT that helps students meet the real needs from industry. Many faculty alumni hold important positions in IT companies such as senior software developer, project manager or technical manager.

After graduation, students can work as programmers, information system developers, data analyzers, information system management administrators, data/system sercurity experts. Graduate students have also abilities for entering master or PhD courses of computer science related fields . 

3. Undergraduate Programmes
The FIT-TDTU currently offers three undergraduate programmes including:
Computer Science (7480101): The Computer Science curriculum covers a wide range of high demand trends in the field of Information Technology: Information Security, Information Systems, Machine Learning, Data Analytics. After graduation, students are able to work for IT companies as well as continue to research and develop their expertise in the field of information technology.
Software Engineering (7480103): The Software Engineering curriculum focuses on the close integration of theory and practice; Learners are provided basic and in-depth knowledge of Software Engineering; The process of building, managing and maintaining software systems; Analysis, design and management of software projects; Students are able to work in the field of software development, capable of modeling and applying software engineering in practice.
Computer Networking and Data Communications (7480102): The training programme fully meets the research and application requirements in the field of network and data communication; Graduates are capable of programming, designing, manufacturing, maintaining, producing, testing, managing, securing for network systems and data communications. They also have ability to continue to research and develop technologies in the field of networking and data communications.

4. Graduate Programmes
The FIT-TDTU currently offers the computer science programmes for master and doctoral degrees, in which we focus on the modern research/engineering fields of computer science such as artificial intelligence, data science, computer vision, multimedia, robotics. 
We also have an agreement with Tomas Bata University, the Czech Republic to form the PhD degree of computer science under the Sandwich programme. 

5. Facility
Ton Duc Thang University is the first public university in Vietnam with facilities and teaching conditions internationally ranked as 5 stars by QS Stars’ standards (United Kingdom). Ton Duc Thang University is also the first University in Vietnam included in TOP 200 universities of the world's most sustainably developed according to the UI Greenmetric World University Ranking and is certified "an environmentally friendly school campus" by UNESCO Vietnam Association. 
For more detail information, please visit the page:

6. Mission & Vision
Together with the TDTU's mission "for the cause of human development and a society of sustainable development",  we strive to become an excellent place for university training, new technology center, and to be in the top of the national and regional IT training and research.
All the lecturers, administrative staff and students of TDTU strictly follow the three principles of operation:
*Nothing is more important than being effective.
*Nothing is more valuable than treating others fairly.
*Nothing is more honorable than serving our country.