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Master’s degree program in Computer Science is the advanced program meeting the demand of human resources that have high qualification in dynamic and developing economy, especially knowledge economy, as computer science has become the necessary tool for almost all sectors in the socio-economic life.

  • General information
  • Total training time: 1.5 years, with total 49 training credits.
  • The training program is designed to ensure background theory and application capacity in the real life for students. Students will have abilities in developing applications and solving problems in technology, economy, social science and biomedical.
  • Lecturers are experienced professors in researching and working in Computer Science. Most of them have graduated from famous universities in many countries. Along with modernity in accordance with American standards, specifically the Computer Science training program of Stanford University, this program is always updated to meet the demand in Vietnam.
  • This Master’s degree in Computer Science in Ton Duc Thang University will bring you the opportunity to approach the most modern and high-qualified knowledge in the world. At the same time, learners are taught in a new motif, creating new inspiration and new approaches for learners in the training program.
  • Special information: Learners who have excellent graduation in Computer Science Master’s Degree in Ton Duc Thang University will have a chance to study PhD program in many countries in European.
  • Enrollment information
  • Enrollment time: in June and December every year.
  • Enrollment form: admission or recruitment.
  • Access for further information about enrollment.
  • Training plan
  • 1st semester: Learners will study basic and specialized subjects.
  • 2nd semester: Learners will study specialized subjects.
  • 3rd semester: Students will do Master’s thesis in 6 months.
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