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Joint undergraduate programme

Bachelor Degree Program on Computer Science and Technology (in collaboration with Technical University of Ostrava - Czech Republic)

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1. About Technical University of Ostrava
     Technical University of Ostrava (VŠB-TUO) was established in 1849 and is based in the city of Ostrava, an industrial city in northern Moravia. VŠB-TUO has so far had 07 faculties with about 22,000 students and is the fourth largest public university in Czech Republic.
    VŠB-TUO increasingly asserted its leading position and role in the general education of the Czech Republic. As one of the best higher education institutes , Its degree is valid throughout Europe and the world. Since the university is a member of European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), its graduates have the opportunities to persue further study in other universities in Europe (France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands,…).
2. About the Programme
♦ Field of training: Computer Science and Technology
♦ Length of programme:  04 years
♦ Mode of training: 2+2
    - Phase 1: 2 years at Ton Duc Thang University
    - Phase 2: 2 years at VŠB-TUO
♦ Fees:
    - Tuition phase 1: tuition 15.750.000 VND/semester + administration fee 2.250.000 VND/ semester
    - Tuition phase 2: tuition 1.000 EUR/semester + administration fee 75 EUR/ semester 
Estimated living expenses in during phase 2: about 1.250-1.500 EUR/semester
♦ Time to transfer to phase 2: September every year
 Degree: Bachelor Degree issued by Technical University of Ostrava
3.  Details about the training programme
3.1. Objective
a. Knowledge
Students are equipped with basic theories on computer and computer system, calculus for computing, data structures and algorithms, programming language, and applications… Also, students will have advanced knowledge on software, network security, system developing, smart calculating system,…
b. Skills
Students are capable of programming, developing software, designing website, managing computer system, and analysing data,.. 
Students have the ability to plan their future carreer, to adapt and improve their knowledge in the era of technology.
3.2. Career opportunity
Graduates of this programme, students can work as programmers, web developer and system manager in domestic and international corporations and companies.
They can also be the lecturer and researcher in the field of Computer Science in universities, colleges, high schools.
3.3. Training programme
3.3.1. Phase 1 (at TDTU): click here
3.3.2. Phase 2 (at VŠB-TUO): click here
3.4. Admission process
Please kindly contact us at: